Hey ya heya ho…the SUPERSONIC SPEED OF SYNERGIZED SPINNING SPIRALS OF SYNCRONICITY SERINDIPITAS SOUL SEARCHING…This latest experience with justen occurred instantaneously as I stepped out of an uncanny similar situation with my Dad. Two months ago I had been called to go live with him and caretake as he is 86 and hurt his back. I was overcome with RESISTENCE.  I unwillingly left my home and moved into his reality (the catalysis for owning mine). In between my daily chores and his demands I relentlessly began to dig deep searching for the truth hidden beneath my emotions. What I found was life changing.  I realized our relationship was based on his EGO based mentality of fear, lies, expectation limits and so on. And because his perception was so blocked he has never really been able to (or allow himself) to see me for who I really am. Then I was able to go to him and confront him with my truth. I sat with him for over 5 hours that morning and unleashed…I received very little response. Two days later he walked into the kitchen approaching me as a little kid reluctant yet needing attention. I was thrilled!  He opened conversation hesitantly then became fully engaged. He acknowledged “seeing me and hearing me” and consequently he “saw himself” . We then sat down together and talked about it. He said how sorry he was, that he does love me he’s proud of me AND… he thinks “I’m a very wise woman”. Wow! What occured for me in this process was I was able to step out of his dark shadow and into my light. I let go of that “never enough, less than illusion” placed on me years ago by him that I unconciously lived with my whole life!!! And I conciously stepped into my rightful power being all that I AM. It was epic and huge for me. The very day I left my Dad’s ( he’s got a caretaker now from a litle local Co. called “Visiting Angels!) Is the very same day I met justen. The comparisons of both experiences had to be looked at and integrated as a whole to fully understand the entire lesson. As I did this I realized that I was embracing  my own inner male aspects and all of the male relationships I’ve ever had. MEN SEE ME I AM HERE! I AM FIERCE I AM LOVE! I AM BEAUTIFUL AND I AM FREE. BEYOND YOUR ILLUSIONS OF SEX, CONTROL, OPPRESSION, DOMINATION, DEGRADATION. Healing and releasing all negative attatchments and energies and freeing my entire being to be whole for the very fist time! I AM DIVINE FEMININE I AM GODDESS I AM ANCEINT AND WISE AND I AM HERE AND I LOVE YOU AND I LOVE ME AND I LOVE GOD AS HE LOVES US AND WE ARE ALL ONE. I am the everpresent divine light essence of GOD and Creation. As all is we are I am! Whew!!! Innerstanding Outerlanding. And with that Dear Relatives I am whole. So many blessings. I am ever grateful for my Spirit Guides, Heavenly Hosts, Angels, Lightworkers and the Supreme Love and Light of The Great Spirit that endlessly unconditionally come to help me. I AM forever in your service…your siSTAR Neesa`°☆♡


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